MOT Testing

At Church Hill Garage we are authorised by VOSA to carry out MOT tests.

At Church Hill Garage Ltd in Orpington, we have the necessary equipment and qualifications needed to provide car servicing on any vehicle type including modern hybrid cars. Our trained engineers, who are ATA accredited, have a vast experience when it comes to these vehicles. Many of our Orpington customers ask about hybrid cars so here are a few facts.

What is a Hybrid Car?

Put simply, a hybrid car is a vehicle that uses two or more forms of power to function. Generally, a hybrid car will use both petrol and electricity to function. This helps boost fuel economy, something that has been much praised by green campaigners in the last few years and even more in recent times as the cost of fuel increases.

Due to the design of the vehicle, pollution and carbon emissions are cut significantly. Hybrid cars can vary from ‘mild hybrids’ to ‘full hybrids’. The prices of these cars, and the cost of hybrid servicing, can differ significantly depending on a hybrid car’s capabilities.

The car will change between the two sources of power at different points during a journey, an automatic process which happens in the engine management system. Regular car servicing on hybrids vehicles at our Orpington workshop keeps this changeover efficient.

What is an Electric Car?

It’s even easier to define this type of vehicle. In basic terms, an electric car is a vehicle that solely runs on electricity as a source of power. This cuts out the need for an internal combustion engine and petrol for the car. One of the most popular types currently available on the UK market is the successful electric Smart car, although other manufacturing companies have been quick to release their own variations on the electric theme.

Even electric models require car servicing, and we are one of the very few garages in Orpington to specialise in maintenance on this particular vehicle type.

Although the arrival of both the hybrid car and the electric car onto the UK automobile market has been praised from many quarters, the cars have experienced some teething problems that have prevented them from making a bigger impression on buying customers, together with the higher price it costs to actually purchase.

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