Car Servicing in Orpington - When do I Need a Service?

Most modern cars only needs a service once a year but older cars require a service once every six months. The manufacturer’s service handbook will state what is best for your car. At Church Hill Motors Ltd in Orpington, we provide full and interim car servicing for road users from all parts of the surrounding South London area.

The type of service you need will also be affected by how you use your car. For example, lots of short journeys where the engine does not have a chance to warm up properly will probably mean more frequent oil and filter changes.

The most important thing with car servicing is that you understand why is being supplied and what the cost is. At Church Hill Garage Ltd, we give Orpington motorists an estimate of the work to be done on their cars and if we say we’re going to change your oil, we definitely will. We like to keep things simple, clear and transparent at all times.

Car Servicing for Private and Fleet Customers in Orpington

As a private motorist in Orpington, you’ll already know that buying and running a vehicle is expensive. Maintaining a full service history goes a long way towards protecting your investment and realising a good resale value when it’s time for a change. Car servicing, alongside regular maintenance, is vital for keeping vehicles in the best possible condition.

Running a fleet of business vehicles is a major capital investment in itself and when time is money, reliability problems can cost you dear. Having fleet vehicles serviced regularly ensures that you get the maximum return from a vital business tool and from the staff who rely on them. We provide car and van servicing for fleet operators in the Orpington area.

The technical team at Church Hill Garage Ltd is ATA registered. To become ATA registered, an individual must pass a comprehensive and rigorous series of tests of practical skill and knowledge. To ensure that they keep up-to-date with new technologies, all technicians need to be re-assessed every 5 years to maintain their accreditation.

If you drive a car in Orpington, Bromley or any other part of South London and would like to know more about what car servicing entails, we’d like to hear from you. We also perform MOTs and can provide customers with a low inclusive price whenever they combine car servicing or car repairs with an annual inspection at our popular workshop.

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